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Our “FACES” values guide
us to unite and be the best
version of ourselves.

Our “FACES” values guide us to unite
and be the best version of ourselves.

Our Values

Our Values

To be a successful diversified Civil Contractor, with sustainable profitable growth

FACES (Family, Accountability, Commitment, Empowerment, Safety) are our values. They are critical to ensuring we have alignment of behaviours and clarity of expectations across Winslow.  They are important markers that help define the kind of culture we have at  Winslow. The work is what we do, our values define who we are.

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We are like-minded people working together, respecting, and caring for each other
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Always starts with each person, every day, in all that we do with trust and honesty
Commitment Values icon
We do it once, we do it right, we stand by our word – built on integrity
Empowerment Values icon
We are self-believers, curious to learn and problem solve, paving our own path to success
Safety Values icon

– Our Family, Our Safety

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Importantly, FACES paints a picture of Winslow’s culture.

Each person represents a face of Winslow and using the acronym FACES defines clearly that our values are about people, relationships and working together.

The FACES of Winslow are diverse in meaning; however, they are part of a whole that equals Winslow. For example, it’s about teams, individuals, generations of families working in the business, colleagues, diversity, friendship and cohorts.

The many FACES of Winslow all believe in the same set of values. Each person can see themselves in these values and easily connect with them.

No one gets lost at Winslow and everyone is a distinct and respected part of the business.

We operate in Victoria, Northern NSW and Southeast Queensland in multiple industry sectors.