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Social value is part of
Winslow’s DNA and diversity is
an integral part of Winslow’s
history, culture and identity.

Social value is part of Winslow’s DNA
and diversity is an integral part of
Winslow’s history, culture and identity.

Winslow's approach to social value

Winslow's approach to social value

Winslow recognises our social responsibilities as being fundamental to our long-term sustainability and growth. We are recognised leaders in social procurement in the civil construction industry because we choose carefully who we partner with and how we deliver projects. Our three-pronged social procurement strategy means we engage social enterprises, disability enterprises and/or Aboriginal/Indigenous businesses, through sustainable social value activities. We achieve strong sustainable social value outcomes in partnership with the community, our clients, stakeholders in an ethical and responsible manner.

We undertake and enhance strategic and sustainable procurement practices for Winslow to effectively contribute to building stronger communities and generating wider social benefits.

Social value is part of Winslow’s DNA and diversity is an integral part of Winslow’s history, culture and identity and has always been, since the start of business operations in the 1980s.

Examples of Winslow's varied social value touch points.

Our positive community legacy is the outcome of us living out our values and being true to our Business Pillars. The positive impact we make to our communities is what drives us – jobs for local people, ongoing work post project, sustainable infrastructure, positive social impact.

As a standard practice and as part of our social value process Winslow promotes and supports Aboriginal/Indigenous businesses by considering enterprises of Aboriginal/Indigenous background and accredited by Kinaway and Supply Nation. We support through both direct and indirect employment and through business spend

The following principles provide a greater understanding of our social value approach (which also includes alignment with the Victorian Government Social Value Framework).

  • Cast the net widely to maximise social value expenditure and inclusive employment outcomes to priority cohorts within the communities in which we work and creating project specific opportunities.

  • Incorporate social and sustainable outcomes that benefit the community into our value-for-money considerations when engaging with suppliers.

  • Support the growth and development of the Social and Indigenous business by committing to providing equal opportunity for all suppliers to bid for projects we are delivering.

  • Encourage our supply chain to deliver sustainable and social outcomes by embedding these principles into our selection criteria when engaging subcontractors.

  • Educating and supporting our subcontractors to create opportunities for Social and Indigenous businesses

  • Wherever possible, leverage existing Government programs to support the delivery of our social procurement delivery.

  • Adhere to our Social Procurement Policy and maintain a governance framework to oversee the implementation of our social procurement, assess the impact of our approach and ensure that we continue to adapt to market, project and community requirements to deliver maximum value.

Winslow’s continuity of work enables our subcontractors to invest in and deepen their own capability, resulting in real learning and employment outcomes for their employees in the way of apprenticeships and traineeships.