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Our capability is comprehensive.
We drive efficient project

Our capability is comprehensive.
We drive efficient project delivery.



Constructors is the genesis of Winslow. Since 1985 we have been providing quality civil construction services and expertise to clients. We are nimble in our approach, building bespoke relationships with clients to support them in achieving their goals.

Today, we are a civil contractor of choice that constructs residential projects in broadacre subdivisions, local infrastructure, medium density and remediation projects through our road construction, project management and construction expertise, particularly on master-planned community sites.

What sets us apart is our unique vertically integrated capabilities and the largest modern fleet of heavy construction equipment in Australia, operated and maintained by our highly trained team.

Interested in working with Winslow Constructors?

In owning our heavy mobile plant and machinery, and tapping into the broader capabilities of Winslow, we offer a highly reliable service that assures superior project results and cost-effective project delivery all in the one place.

Winslow Constructors’ hands-on approach offers high value end-to-end solutions and means we can deliver on our promise as the lowest cost producer in the market and highly productive outcomes for our clients.  We use a range of sustainable construction methods and pride ourselves on recycling practices and resource utilisation.

We ensure rigid safety compliance at all times and cost-effective services, delivering simple to complex projects on time and on budget.

We live local, work and support local. Our place in the community is creating opportunities for residents in the areas in which we operate.