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We empower people so they continue
to grow and take the next step in their
professional development.

Winslow Learning

Winslow Learning

Winslow Learning is our holistic approach that aims to support and enhance our employee’s professional development with a further objective to provide distinctly skilled people in our high performing teams across the business.

We are a learning organisation, skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge among us and we continue to invest in our people and provide opportunities for diverse experiences and career development.


Developing abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks. These practical skills are key to Winslow's success.

Operations & Business

Imparting detailed information & know how about Winslow's systems and business acumen to always execute successful projects.

People Development

Equiping our people with skills for their growth and development as Winslow future leasders.

Phase 01 – Do


Blue Collar


White Collar


Phase 02 – Know

Emerging Leaders

Blue Collar

Leading Hand

White Collar

Site Engineer
Project Engineer

Phase 03 – Lead

High Performance

Blue Collar

Site Foreman
Area Manager

White Collar

Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

Cultural Capability Framework

Includes our values (FACES) & Business Pillars

Technical Training / Compliances

We combine our compliance and technical training matrix with our cultural capability framework to ensure The Winslow Way of learning is embedded and retained within the business.

Winslow Learning ensures that our employees have relevant and highly sought-after skills that are essential in successfully delivering our projects.

No matter where you are in your career journey, our Learning framework captures the core elements of: people development, technical operations and business acumen to support you in achieving your career goals.

Examples of our Learning in action

Women of Winslow Mentoring Program

The Women of Winslow mentoring program helps guide us in further connecting, supporting and developing our female employees.

Through our internal learning and development capability we have developed a program that includes on-going training for Senior Leaders (including  unconscious bias training) and a new dedicated module in our Site Leadership Training Programs.

It also includes Female Mentor Training whereby a number of women from across the business are selected to participate in workshops teaching them the leadership and communication skills to become effective Mentors. Upon which our newly trained Mentors are connected with other females (Mentees) from across the business and provide them with ongoing support and guidance.

‘You can’t be what you can’t see’

Site Leadership Program

The Winslow Site Leadership Program is designed for our construction workers to further develop site leadership and civil construction skills.

Over a 12 month period, this internally developed and facilitated program uplifts employee knowledge and skills in constructing subdivisions, road infrastructure and managing teams. Successful graduates of the Site Leadership Program are often promoted to Leading Hand roles, and later the role of Foreman.

Our employees are invited annually to apply to join the program. Successful applicants emanate the Winslow values: Family, Accountability, Commitment, Empowerment and Safety.

If you are an aspiring construction worker seeking an express career path into the Australian civil construction industry, then Winslow is the place for you.


Mentoring our future leaders

We know our people have the passion to succeed, therefore, Winslow is committed to empowering our people to achieve their full potential by supporting them through our 180-degree mentoring program. Our best in industry Senior Leaders generously invest in our emerging leaders and are willing to help by imparting technical knowledge and sharing invaluable industry experience as part of our management ethos. Onsite mentoring is an important element of The Winslow Way of learning. Across Business Units and across Solutions, our Senior Leaders are easily assessable, approachable, and present on all projects providing guidance through formal and informal practical training opportunities.


Machine Operators Course

We provide our site-based employees with the opportunity to develop new skills and advance their career with us through our inhouse Machine Operators Course, guaranteeing hundreds of hours of machine training on machines such as excavators, scrapers, rollers, graders and compactors.

We have three trainers traveling around our projects everyday providing hands on training to upskill our people on how to operate all models of plant and equipment effectively, efficiently and safely.

Our trainers create personalised logbooks to record individual training hours and provide an inhouse assessment to sign off verification of competency.

After which, Winslow organises a registered RTO to visit and externally assess for relevant plant tickets.

Our newly qualified operators are provided with ongoing mentoring from our trainers to increasingly enhance their skills and knowledge.