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20 March 2024

Caitlin building on career in civil

Being a part of a project from the very beginning was always appealed to Caitlin.

The Winslow Queensland Project Engineer, who was recently promoted from a Site Engineer role, has been with the company for three years working on residential subdivision projects.

“I had some experience working on site during my time at uni, which I always really enjoyed,” Caitlin said.

“It was also important to me that I work in a role where there is variety between each of my days, and where I am able to be challenged.”

Winslow is determined to provide career opportunities in civil construction for women, and Caitlin recommends other women consider a career in the industry.

“I have found that the Winslow team is more than willing to offer support, guidance or advice when needed – whether that be related to technical or operational matters, or personal and career development,” she said.

“Working in civil construction has exposed me to a diverse range of experiences.

“I feel as though I have had the opportunity to learn a lot within a relatively short amount of time. 

“There is a strong culture of humour and comradery that I don’t think you would get in many other industries.”

She said working in a male dominated industry is a lot easier than you might think.

“It is not what I had anticipated when I first started,” Caitlin said.

“Being a woman in construction isn’t like how it is depicted in the movies. I have found that everyone I have worked with is very inclusive and makes you feel part of the team.

“I have never really noticed that I am often the only female on site - my experience has been very positive.”

Caitlin aims to become a Project Manager and said she values the positive role models who she works with.