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20 March 2024

Dad’s career inspires Maddison into construction

Winslow aims to raise the awareness and career opportunities for women by building internal capability and by working alongside likeminded organisations and maintaining our strong relationships.

We are doing our part to ensure that females are armed with enough information to be best positioned to consider civil construction as an industry of choice for their career.

For Winslow Constructors apprentice labourer Maddison, a career in construction appealed to her thanks to her role model who really sold it.

“My dad (Mick) has worked in construction for many years and he inspired me to seek a career in construction,” she said.

“The close community and friendly workspaces I had heard about is what really appealed to me.”

Maddison had an early introduction to the industry by doing work experience at Winslow on the Latham’s Road Upgrade project in 2022.

She joined Winslow last year after leaving school after completing Year 10 to commence an apprenticeship while she studies a Certificate III in Civil Construction at National Skills Institute.

“Studying has helped with my job as the units I complete correspond with the tasks I am doing on site,” Maddison said.

“I have been on the 215 Beaconsfield job site, which has included road and pavement development, deep drainage, underground boring, landscape and footpath development.

“All my colleagues and leaders have a great deal of experience and mentor me, and I have learnt a lot of new things.

“My foreman Matt always ensures I completely understand a task before I start a job, and he is always happy to explain things multiple times or in different ways if he needs to.  

“And my dad has a lot of experience within this industry, and he is always sure to show me the most efficient and safe methods when completing a task, I have learnt allot of my knowledge from him.”

Matt said Madison is enthusiastic and has adapted well to her apprenticeship and is achieving high quality work.

“Madison’s peers on site say she is eager to learn and fits in well with the work force,” Matt said.

“Overall, she has been an asset to my project.”

Maddison said she would recommend other women entering a career in civil construction.

“I have had a great experience, and I believe I will keep having a great experience,” she said.

“Working in a male-dominated industry has been really normal for me and it has never bothered me because I was in a mostly male friendship group throughout my schooling.

“I can confidently say that Winslow has welcomed me and treated me no differently because I am a woman.”